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No, not at all!

"It's not leather.... It's a vinyle that has leather fibers glued to the underside."

Calling this product 'leather' is "outright deception."


 It is made by applying latex on the back of vinyle and spraying the leather powder from scrap leather. The vinyle surface is stamped to give it a leather-like texture. The leather powder layer is very thin and applied only on the backing fabric, in actuality you are sitting on vinyle not on leather. Many people mistakenly believe that bonded leather is a chemical mixture with leather and vinyl. It is not. You can easily tear off the leather layer.


Bonded Leather manufacturers don't ussually give warranty. 

And a lot of cases, it last only 2 to 3 years.

As a leather specialist we do not recommend this product

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7. Is bonded leather strong?

  • Feb 28, 2013

No, not at all! "It's not leather.... It's a vinyle that has leather fibers glued to the underside." Calling this product 'leather' is "outright deception." It is made by applying latex on the b...

6. Is Leather For Children?

  • Feb 21, 2013

Yes. Leather is great for children of all ages. It is easy to care for and can take the day to day use from your family.

5. How Strong Is Leather?

  • Jan 21, 2013

Leather is the strongest upholstery material available.

4. How Long Will Leather Last?

  • Jan 21, 2013

Leather pieces have been known to be passed down a generation after 20-30 years of use. Consistent maintenance will increase the life of your furniture for many years.

3. Are some cows bred specifically for the upholstery industry?

  • Jan 21, 2013

 No. Leather is actually a by-product from the beef industry. . The largest consumer of leather is the shoe industry. Only about ten percent of the world’s hide production is used for furnitu...

2. Does Leather Fade?

  • Jan 21, 2013

Yes. Direct exposure to sunlight will cause fading. If your leather sofas have to be exposed to direct sunlight we recommend Corrected Grain Leather rather than Full Grain Leather. It is most resi...

1. Is Leather cold in the winter?

  • Jan 21, 2013

Leather is constantly adjusting to room temperature, or your body on it. Actually it is cool in the summer time and warm in the winter. And it will maintain a consistent temperature that will make ...

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