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Leather is by far the most important part of leather furniture. The more you know the less chance you have being misled into buying something you will regret later.

I suggest you read the article about leather in this website carefully.                 

Basically there are two important material in leather furniture; genuine leather and fake leather.

Genuine leather is real leather and we all know not all leather is the same. How can you tell good from bad leather?  Generally speaking the softer the better leather.  There is no technology to make bad leather soft. Full Grain Leather comes into this category. Full Grain Leather is leather at it's most natural. Full Grain Leather is the best leather in terms of quality but it is also the most expensive and most fragile. For this reason full Grain Leather is not recommend for family room or other areas with high traffic, especially for the young family with or expecting children. To explain this I often use an analogy of choosing a clothes, “You don’t wear silk dress in the kitchen.”

For the majority of people Corrected Grain Leather is more appropriate. It is the most durable and most of all budget friendly. Approximately 80% of genuine leather furniture sold in the North American market is made of Corrected Grain Leather. However, there are different grades in the Corrected Grain Leather.  What do I choose?  If I were the buyer, I would buy the best corrected grain leather I can afford because some last over 20 years and others only a few years depending on the grade. I would not go below the medium grade of corrected grain leather even if that requires having to save money for one more year.  How do I know the medium grade since everybody uses different ways of grading the leather? Use your hands. If it feels too hard it is a low grade. The softer the leather, the longer it last. Unfortunately there is no true gauge we can use to measure the leather grade, so keep these tips in mind when judging for yourself.


                                                                                                                                              -Updated February 21, 2013

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Leather is by far the most important part of leather furniture. The more you know the less chance you have being misled into buying something you will regret later. I suggest you read the article about...

1. Bonded leather is not real leather.

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There are different types of bonded leather, the type being used on upholstered furniture today is a plastic material (generally polyurethane or vinyl) backed with fabric. It is made by applying latex...

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