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May 24th, 2009

Choice Leather Furniture is our first choice! 

Our experience didn't start off all that well. We walked into the warehouse and felt as though the sales' staff was not being aggressive enough - they greeted us with a 'hello, let me know if you need anything' and left us alone, didn't even bother to stop us on our way out.. Our thought was, if they don't want our business, then forget it and we left! For the next several months we visited a ton of furniture stores in search of that perfect piece for our living space.  After having failed at finding anything suitable and fighting off all the aggressive sales people we decided to try Choice one more time.  Again they left us alone - but this time it was a welcomed change to the rest of the stores! When we asked for their assistance, Adrian came to help and answer all our questions and only after we decided to purchase, he mentioned that he remembered us from months ago - even remembered the hat my boyfriend was wearing. It wasn't that they were ignoring us, they were giving us a break and letting us take our time.

We received our custom made sectional in 4 weeks as promised and Adrian personally came to ensure the delivery was done properly. Not only were they on time with the date, they were on time with the timing of the day!

I am sending this email from the sectional and I can't express how pleased we are with the quality of the furniture - and ofcourse the comfort!

Thank you so much for everything - we definitely made the right choice!

C Hobbs

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