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August 12, 2000
Dear Ron, I would like to tip my hat to you as a consummate professional and an all-around good guy. As a sales person myself, I know that sometimes people just walk into a decision to buy, do the deed, give your name and number to a few friends and relatives and you don't see them again until they need something else. Other sales are, shall we say, are more challenging. In our case, when I phoned that I was coming with my 89-year-old mother and that I was not in good health, you kindly moved the items you thought would be most appealing to me to the front of the store. When Thomas came in you carefully explained the construction of furniture and grades of leather to him so he was totally comfortable dealing with you. You patiently allowed each of us, separately and together, to sit in every chair and sofa on display. When we compared colours and styles and changed our minds, how many times, while sorting out between ourselves what would be most appropriate, you encouraged us to do what we must so that in the end both of us were completely happy with our selection. You even arranged to have one manufacturer use some leather from another manufacturer so that the piping on a chair would totally match the rest of the furniture. You allowed your next-door neighbour to deliver a rug we bought in your van along with the rest of the living-room. After delivery, when a few concerns were addressed, you took care of them promptly, carefully, and in one instance, well beyond the call of duty, so that they just melted away. Thanks to your good humour, patience, careful attention to detail and then more patience, what could have been the purchase from hell, turned into a truly pleasant experience with a final result that simply could not be beat anywhere at any price. Thanks Ron.
- Janet and Thomas
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